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As we continue to grow, so do our needs. Paddle for Peace is for the community, by the community and we encourage you all to get more involved from an internal standpoint. Take a look at our needs below and apply for whatever you think you would be a good fit for. We can't wait to grow our crew!

Events and Fundraising Committee

Non compensated volunteers. Commitment: 6 months- 1 year. About 2-3 hours a month + event hours.

The Special Events Committee will provide leadership for the entire event planning process. Committee Members will orchestrate the overall production, provide suggestions and advice as needed, and be prepared to make important decisions. 

Committee Leads 

  • Work directly with executive director to oversee the event and planning process

  • Attend ongoing committee meetings

  • Encourage creativity and the development of new and exciting ideas

  • Delegate tasks and encourage volunteers at special events

  • Develop leaders from within the committee for specific events

  • Maintain communication amongst other committee members

  • Works closely with the Board and Executive Director on final decision making

  • Contribute to the organization at a level meaningful to the individual

  • Come prepared to participate and engage

  • Help develop an annual calendar for the committee’s activities, including critical dates, milestones

  • Engage in advocacy and networking.

  • Participate in annual special events and other fundraising activities.

  • Track and report progress toward fundraising goals to the Board.

  • Identifies possible sponsors for the event.

  • Develops a strategy for acquiring sponsors

Event Volunteers 

  • Engage in advocacy and networking.

  • Contribute to the organization at a level meaningful to the individual

  • Come prepared to participate and engage

  • Help plan and participate in all events and event planning

  • Bring new ideas to the table for events and fundraising

  • Recruits and energizes other volunteers.

Media/Public Relations

This person  is responsible for getting the word out about the org/events. They will need to be creative, understand how the media works and even come up with a few novel ideas about how to spread the word and attract people

  • Decides how to promote the event

  • Works with media sponsors

  • Creates press releases

Graphic and Website Designers

We are looking for individuals who would like to donate their time and talent to help us with a new logo, redesign our website, help with event graphics and whatever else you're interested in helping us with.



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