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What is a Cacao Cermony? What Can I expect?

Cacao ceremony is a celebration that has been practiced by the Mayan and other Indigenous people who have tended to and lived on the fertile tropical lands where this fruit grows. Chocolate is made from the seeds snuggled in the sweet white fruit that is inside the cacao pod. 

Ceremonial cacao traditionally is served as a hot bitter drink- and can can be drank to mark days on the mayan calendar, weddings, or other celebrations. The cacao that will be served at Paddle for Peace is hand made by a Mayan Guatemalan women’s co-op called , Ruk’ u’ x Ulew and means “the heart of the Earth” in their native language- Kaqchikel.


The intention for serving it at this retreat is to celebrate and ignite more diversity in the Ocean, surf, yoga and wellness communities in San Diego and beyond.


Adrianna has lived in Guatemala for 2 years and sat, lived and leaned with Mayan day keepers. Her aim is to honor the Mayan lineage of cacao ceremony she has learned from and celebrate the heart opening joy that cacao ceremony can bring.

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