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Get ready to ride the waves and dive deep into the magic of the sea with our Surf and Science Fusion Program! Embark on a 4 week surf camp where beginners become beach legends, mastering the art of surfing and catching waves like pros. But before you hit the surf, gear up for an enlightening journey into the science of waves, unlocking the secrets of their formation.


Our commitment to the ocean doesn't stop there – become an eco-warrior as we dive into water quality, explore ocean conservation, and transform collected microplastics into stunning pieces of art, leaving our beach better than we found it.


Land lovers, rejoice! Our program extends beyond the surf, offering a range of games, from beach soccer and volleyball to flag football and the laid-back joy of corn hole. Unleash your creativity through arts and crafts, journal your adventures to inspire future storytelling, and find your zen with pre-surf yoga stretches.


Surfing, science, and a whole lot of beachside bliss – join us for a wave-catching, knowledge-building, and thrill-seeking extravaganza at our Surf and Science Fusion Program!



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