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Paddle for Peace Surf Lessons Waiver

Students and the guardians of participating students of Paddle for Peace surf lessons MUST read and complete the following legal document before participating or enrolling in any Paddle for Peace activity.


You hereby agree on behalf of yourself, your minors, personal relatives, and whomever else may have interest, hereby release, waiver, and hold harmless Paddle for Peace and their officers, instructors, agents, and/or employees from liability from any and all claims for any and all injury, disability, or death, or loss or damage to person or property whether arising from negligence of  Paddle or Peace or otherwise, sustained as a result of any Paddle for Peace activities to the fullest extent permitted by law.


You acknowledge and agree that water sports and surfing are inherently risky and potentially dangerous athletic activities in an uncontrolled natural environment. Hazards including, but are not limited to; rip currents, waves, rocks, sand bars, reef, jetties, sea creatures, surf boards, and other people in the water and on the beach. Participating in Paddle for Peace activities involves inherent risks regardless of supervision or lack of supervision by Paddle for Peace instructors.


You knowingly and freely assume all risks related to Paddle for Peace activities and assume full responsibility for your participation or the participation of any minor on whose behalf you are a parent or legal guardian in signing this document.


You verify that you are (or any minors on whose behalf you are parent or legal guardian of) a competent swimmer. Mentally sound, in good physical health and fully capable of participating in any and all strenuous athletic activities related to surfing. You are not under the influence of drugs, or alcohol or any other substance that may impair you ability to swim or follow Paddle for Peace instructions and rules.


Permission to obtain medical assistance: You permit Paddle or Peace to perform minor medical first aid or in the event of an emergency, to obtain medical assistance for yourself (or any minors on whose behalf you are a parent or legal guardian). The expenses for any such medical emergency shall be your sole responsibility, and not that of Paddle for Peace.


Promotional use of images: You agree and understand that during activities videotape and/or photographic records can and will be maintained and that Paddle for Peace will have the right to use video or photographic records of activities for its own promotional and/or commercial purposes without monetary compensation.

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