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Day on the Bay 2022

Every year we bring families to the coast with activities for all ages to enjoy. Bay day was a free family friendly event at Fiesta Island with the Blue Heart Foundation for an amazing experience of bonding and making memories on the water. We brought out Kayaks, floaties, paddle boards, water guns and boat rafting so that all ages regardless of their comfort levels had something fun to partake in. There were smiles all around. It is important for us to incorporate family days throughout the year in addition to our youth programs to encourage family bonding and exposure to new experiences so they can make coastal recreation apart of their family activities for many years to come.


Its absolute privilege and honor to give families these experiences, where different cultures come together in a beautiful way and take delight in celebrating our differences. A better future includes a diverse coast where families of color feel welcomed and represented in these spaces. We had great time. Check out photos below!

Photo_ Alessandra
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