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Photographer_ Nathan French

Beyin Abraham

Beyin sits on the board as Vice chair. He is also apart of the events committee and is a lead surf coach.


His Story

Beyin is from Toronto, Canada and moved to Dana Point, California 3 years ago. He's always had a good time volunteering with P4P and loves helping out in the community exposing people to the amazing art of surfing and the ocean as a whole. Professionally, he is mechanical engineer that works in product design. His main hobby is mostly surfing, something thats been a priority his whole life. He also loves making video content and hanging out with friends. When is not recreating with friends, surfing or making content, he enjoys traveling and scuba diving.


Beyin is passionate about his work at SoFly Surf School, where he serves as a surf instructor and project manager. Something most dont know about him is that at one point he was seriously pursuing stand up comedy.



Beyin is a proud member of the BIPOC community. 

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