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Finding Inspiration in Every Human

We are a San Diego based 501(c)(3) Organization whose focus is to bring members of the BIPOC community to our coastal spaces to recreate and learn about ocean conservation. We also offer free surf lessons to BIPOC and inner city community members year round in hopes of diversifying the surf line up and surf culture. 

We also partner with other local organizations to cultivate an authentically diverse network of  humans who work cohesively to create a  space that is inclusive and representative of people from different backgrounds. We support our community by providing a sense of belonging and purpose.

At Paddle for Peace, we truly believe that representation matters. Our organization is proud to be founded by an African American/Pacific Islander woman and our board is lead by African American men and women. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an authentically diverse network where humanity is the core foundation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to introduce the BIPOC community to the world of ocean conservation and beach recreation by providing the means and resources.

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Our Story

Paddle for Peace was born when our Founder, Risa, felt called to create a safe space for people to come together peacefully and heal in the midst of the George Floyd Murder so she organized a Paddle out at Tourmaline Beach. She told a few friends and it just spread like wild fire. About a thousand people showed up. People from all different backgrounds gathered on the beach and in the water to stand in solidarity  and to take a stand against racism. It was beautiful. From that point, Risa became motivated to do the work and not only fight against racism, but to fill some gaps in our coastal spaces. She decided to focus on the lack of diversity at the beach and within ocean conservation because these are two things Risa has experience with and holds dear to her heart. We host annual events to bring our community together because that is how we started and westrive to make all of our events eco friendly and plastic free.

In addition to our work in coastal spaces, we have expanded our efforts to volunteer yearly in Mexico at local orphanages. We also fundraise annually for Breast Cancer Awareness with our Paddle for Pink initiative. 

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